1. How do I get my product to Oz-Town and then to China?

Oz-town service partners will assist you to arrange all transport and logistics for both samples and international trade.

2. Do I need to arrange insurance for the transport to China and for storage in China?

All shipping should include insurance cover as standard, Oz-town partnered freight service can help you with this directly. Contact your representative for details.

3. What IP do I need to consider registering?

It is recommended to protect your brand IP when moving into new markets, Oz-town partnered services can arrange this on your behalf.

4. What paperwork do I need to export my products?

Oz-town freight partners will advise a list of documentation to prepare for export and can assist in obtaining government documentation, contact your OZ-town representative for details.

5. Will I get a report on products sold and how frequently?

OZ-town ERP software allows you to remotely login and view all key performance data relating to sales and stock levels.

6. Do I need to get my packaging/ flyers translated to Mandarin? Who can assist with this?

Oz-town partnered services can provide complete translations or even re-designs of all marketing collateral to ensure your brand message is heard!

7. Are there marketing tips for positioning the product for Chinese consumers?

Competitive pricing, clear branding and available stock in China is key to generating sales in China, OZ-town will advise you on pricing structure and which selling platforms are suitable for your brand.

8. How much product should I send?

This will entirely depend on how many online/offline stores you list your product with, product expiry must also be taken into consideration.

9. Do I set the selling price and what % of that do I receive?

China market is similar to any other market, there is a ceiling price customers are willing to pay, OZ-town commision structures are listed in the service schedule agreement. Your OZ-town consultant will advise you of your target sell price and associated fees.

10. Who should I contact at Oz-town for advice or questions?

Sydney office, Level 4, 95 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

Ph: 02 8249 8309 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

11. What will I get for my investment with Oz-town?

Oz-town provides many opportunities for Australian Brands to promote and generate sales across every sales channel in China, your investment will depend entirely on the strategy you and your OZ-town consultant plan to create. Ask OZ-town to see our service schedule agreement for overview on available selling platforms.



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